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The world is witnessing once more the unfolding of another health threat - the Zika virus. Currently, Zika virus infections are concentrated in the Americas with a few reported cases outside. Nevertheless, as the Zika virus is carried by the same Aedesmosquito which carries the Dengue virus, the Philippine government has issued an advisory to be on alert against this current health risk. In response, the DOH has initially acquired 1,000 test kits. The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) is ready to use the Zika detection kits.

Have you spotted our MediCash ads?

MediCash Dengue

Pioneer MediCash Dengue 's ad campaign is in full swing and full force with the launch of its eye-catching billboards and ads that are sure to catch the eyes of Filipino commuters in the Metro.

A MediCash billboard is currently standing high and proud along SLEX, where our usual Pioneer billboards have been previously displayed. An LED billboard was also played for passing EDSA Boni motorists to see.

MediCash: First-in-the-Market Health Insurance

Even with screened windows, bug sprays, and repellents, there could be that one mosquito that gets past all that and finds its way to you. Before you know it, Dengue's already in your blood, and it’s just a matter of time before you get the fever, the chills, and the bills.

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