Motor Protect is a motorcycle insurance product created by Pioneer for those who will buy a brand new motorcycle from Motortrade through financing. This product intends to protect the motorcycle purchased from Motortrade and its registered owner.

INSURED: All buyers of brand new motorcycle from Motortrade through financing will be Insured under Motor Protect. This applies to all Motortrade branches where Motor Protect is available.

EFFECTIVITY: The effectivity period of Motor Protect depends on the loan term of the motorcycle purchased. Effectivity begins upon issuance of the motorcycle Sales Invoice and ends on the last due date of the loan.

MAINTAINING THE EFFECTIVITY: Motor Protect’s monthly premium must be paid in full on the monthly due date at any Motortrade branch. Non-payment, incomplete payment, or delayed payment of the monthly premium may result in the cancellation of Motor Protect.

CLAIM PROCESS: The person who may claim and receive the benefits is the Insured, if he or she is still alive, or the designated Beneficiary, in the event of death of the Insured. To file a claim, text or call Pioneer Support Center. Provided it is valid and the required documents are complete, the claim will be paid in 5 working days.

PIONEER: Motor Protect is a product of Pioneer. More than 60 years in the insurance industry, Pioneer is known for fair and quick claims settlement.



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