InstaLife is an investment and life insurance plan with an Automatic Acceptance feature. That means no medical exam and health questionnaire needed to be covered. You are instantly insured upon application and payment of the first premium.

InstaLife is perfect for young, single or married individuals who want to invest and at the same time be insured without the hassle of going through medical examinations and filling out lengthy health questionnaires.


Features & Benefits
  • Automatic Acceptance
    • No Medical exam
    • No health questions
  • Policy Amount doubles in 3 years
    • Year 1: Initial Amount chosen
    • Year 2: 150% of Initial Amount
    • Year 3: 200% of Initial Amount
  • Investment Fund for long term growth of money
    • Equity Fund
    • Managed Fund
  • Death Benefit is equivalent to the Policy Amount plus Fund Value


Due to the Automatic Acceptance feature, death benefit during the first two years of the policy is limited to accidental causes only. Illness - related death will be covered starting on the third policy year.

Product Specifications:
Minimum Issue Age: 14 days
Maximum Issue Age: 40 years old
Currency: Philippine Peso
Minimum Annual Premium: Php 10,000
Maximum Annual Premium: Php 50,000
Maximum Initial Policy Amount: Php 250,000

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