film/tv coverage
Cast Non-Appearance
Covers the financial consequences resulting from the postponement, stoppage or abandonment of a shooting in the event of a death, injury by accident, illness or criminal arrest of a person as named in the policy.
Covers the financial losses following the deterioration, disappearance, or destruction of any support (blank or not) used in your production, including film, soundtrack, sound or film tapes, videotape, DVD, digital support, positives, color slides, works of art, etc. Coverage is extended during periods of filming, sound recording, post-production work, storing up to delivery. Also covers accidental exposure to light.
Public Liability
Covers financial losses incurred in the event of accidental bodily injury to any person; damage to property, obstruction, trespass, nuisance or interference with any right of way by air, light, or water; or wrongful arrest, detention, false imprisonment, or malicious prosecution occurring within territorial limits.
Covers all shooting and sound equipment, transmission, reproduction, lighting, generators, special effects equipment, equipment vehicles and mobile studios used for production, in case of accidental damage or destruction, burglary or theft, and short circuits, power surges or induction.
Sets, Costumes and Accessories, Make-Up, Wigs and Hairpieces
Covers sets, costumes, accessories, furniture, and similar objects needed for the production and under your care custody and control, in case of any accidental damage or destruction, burglary or theft.
Producers Indemnity
Covers the financial consequences that the production would suffer following a postponement, stoppage or abandonment of the shoot due exclusively to damage to, total or partial destruction following an accident of, or the burglary or theft with threats, the use of false keys, deception of the equipment, sets, buildings, vehicles, character and technical vehicles used for and during the production, or of any other good that is essential to the shooting.
Entrusted Property – Care, Custody & Control
Covers the indemnity that the production might be legally liable for following damage, degradation, theft or destruction of the property of third parties occurring during the period of the cover, when such property is entrusted to you, is under your safekeeping or control and is used or intended to be used during the insured production. Includes degradation of buildings or sets, facilities, furniture that do not belong to you but are contents of a building or room rented for the production.
Contents of the Production Office
Covers property specific to the occupation of production offices necessary for production; furniture, computers, equipment and supplies uninsured elsewhere; outfitting; against any accidental damage, destruction, burglary or theft.
Repayment of cash intended for the needs of the production and that has been stolen by mugging the person of the production director or any other person appointed by the production.
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