event coverage insurance
With all the details you have to take care of, allow us to take one worry off your back with a comprehensive insurance package created especially for event producers.
Covers the irrecoverable expenses made or due following the cancellation, interruption or postponement of the event for any cause that is not under the control of the Policyholder.
Covers equipment for sound, projection, lighting, filming, sound recording, broadcasting and reproduction, in case of accidental damage or destruction, burglary, theft, or short circuits, over-voltage, or inductions.
Covers the expenses incurred following a postponement, cancellation, or abandonment of an insured event resulting from the death, accidental wounding, illness or detention against their will of a person named during the period of cover, and of their relatives up to 1st degree.
Public Liability
Covers financial losses incurred in the event of accidental bodily injury to any person; damage to property, obstruction, trespass, nuisance or interference with any right of way by air, light, or water; or wrongful arrest, detention, false imprisonment, or malicious prosecution occurring within territorial limits.
Additional Costs
Covers the additional costs incurred to continue the production after a loss, damage, burglary, theft, non-delivery of goods, damage to location, etc.
Entrusted Property
Covers the amount that the policyholder could be held legally liable for, for the loss, damage, theft or destruction of the property of a third party during the policy cover.
3rd Party Property Liability
Covers damage to the property of third parties that are occupied during the event, such as fire, electrical and/or water damages, and glass breakage, except damage to vehicles, or buildings and natural sets.
Inclement Weather
Covers the net loss suffered by the insured because of the cancellation or total postponement of the event following extreme weather under specified circumstances.
Personal Accident Insurance
Covers staff and crew in case of death, permanent disablement, temporary disablement, and medical fees.
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