Helpful Travel Hacks (Part 4)

In the last story, we shared some hacks that will come in handy while you're traveling in your country of destination. If your vacation went well, chances are it will hurt to say goodbye. Here are some tips on how you can properly pack up:


Coming home...


Write a checklist.

Before you check out of your hotel or AirBnB, make sure you have everything with you by writing a checklist of the items you brought with you, as well as the items you’ve purchased during the trip to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. This happens to travelers more often than you think, and the last thing you’d want is to leave something behind with no way of retrieving it (unless you're willing to either fly back for it or have someone ship it for you).


Maximize luggage space.

Less is more when it comes to packing pasalubong. Instead of lugging around several paper bags or boxes of pasalubong, put them all in a large bag so that you can check them in (if allowed) or at least keep them safe and compact.

Watch the weight.

Be mindful of your maximum baggage and weigh your things at least a day before your flight. This way, you can purchase additional baggage allowance in advance online before your return flight–  a cheaper alternative than buying on the spot.

Preserve the memories.

Back up your photos and document your trip when you get back. Write down the places and things you enjoyed, did not enjoy, and the ones you wished you were able to visit or experience. Not only will this be useful if you decide to come back in the future, it will also be helpful for your friends!

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Stay safe and secure always with Pioneer Your Insurance, and have a Safe Trip!

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