Helpful Travel Hacks (Part 3)

It's always exhilarating to see the country of your destination from the airplane window and finally touch down after a long flight. In the second part of this series, we shared with you hacks for when you're at the airport. Now it's time to explore and turn that itinerary into reality!


Touch down...


Gather your rations.

Always bring water and some snacks with you, especially if your day will be packed with walking and other exhausting activities like hiking, surfing, or even shopping. These are the key to keeping your health and energy at optimum levels. Another pro-tip: Check out the convenience stores and try some local snacks that are not available in your home country to maximize the experience.


Environmentally-proof yourself from the elements.

Always check the weather before setting out for the day. Even if you already did this prior to your trip, the local weather patterns can be tricky. Bring an umbrella if there is rain in the forecast or wear light clothes if it's going to be hot.


Keep your important things close.

Secure valuables such as your phone, wallet, tour passes and other travel documents in a safe place. Backpacks are usually more prone to pick-pocketing, especially in dark and crowded places like night markets. If you're going to the beach, bring a water-proof bag to prevent your essentials from getting water damage.


Be prepared for uncertainties.

Nobody likes imagining the many ways a vacation can go wrong, but you still have to be ready. Make sure you bring extra cash or your credit card for unexpected expenses, and that your emergency contact numbers are readily available. Getting travel insurance is a must if you want some peace of mind while travelling abroad as it can cover a portion of your medical bills and other inconveniences.

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Stay tuned for the last part of this four-part travel hacks series!


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