FREE ICU Cover for COVID-19 with MediCash Health Insurance

Coronavirus caught the world by surprise and has forced several countries to impose strict quarantine measures to prevent its spread. As of June 10, the Department of Health has confirmed that 23,732 individuals have tested positive for COVID-19. With the rainy season fast approaching, diseases like dengue and leptospirosis add to our growing list of health concerns. With all these in mind, Pioneer has developed a special bundle offer to help ease your medical worries.

The threat of COVID-19 still looms large.

The threat of COVID-19 still looms large.
Even if you’re diligent in wearing face masks and in social distancing, all it takes is one unsuspecting person to endanger you and many. Typical of a crisis, this pandemic puts a lot of things beyond our control. It’s why we made CrisisAid.
This product is meant to ease some of your anxiety and helplessness. By way of financial preparedness, CrisisAid helps you restore some control in your life amid an uncertain time.
During this high-risk time, Pioneer is taking the risk with you.
CrisisAid Benefits:


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