Micro Agents’ Day Off

Pioneer recently treated top selling agents of its microinsurance product sold through the CARD network to a fun “day off”. CARD is the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, a microfinance institution that reaches out to less fortunate communities. Offering microinsurance through its mostly-female members, fondly called “nanays”, CARD is helping ensure that more and more Filipinos are covered by risks such as death, accident, flood and fire.
The top-selling agents who sold the most within November 15 to December 31, 2011, were rewarded with prizes that included a tour of the Manila Ocean Park. Nine winners came in from Quezon, Oriental Mindoro, Camsur, Laguna, Bulacan, Benguet and Ilocos. They were welcomed at the Pioneer House Makati, and then were taken to the Ocean Park where they enjoyed the colorful, fascinating sight of a seemingly endless variety of marine species. Over lunch, many touching stories were shared about how insurance had changed the winning nanay's lives, and those of their clients.
One touching story is that of Maydee Dollaga, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008. With a renewed sense of what was truly important in life, she has decided to spend her remaining days on earth helping people become insured with the CaMIA plan. Maydee receives free insurance as a member, and this knowledge, that her family is secure, inspires her to offer the same security to others.
One of her clients was a 28 year old single male, breadwinner of the family. He was scoffed at by his family, who said, “Hindi naman totoo yang insurance.” A few months later, his motorcycle was hit by a car and he died instantly. His family was so grateful for the benefits they received. Word spread around about the claim, and from an average of 4 plans sold a month, Maydee’s average increased to 30, covering almost everyone in the Barangay.
Josephine Decuzar also feels the satisfaction of helping people in her role as CARD agent. One of her clients was a mother from Pagbilao, Quezon who, just 4 days after buying the CaMIA Plan, was hit by a car. She was hospitalized for a few days before she died.  Her family informed the agent in the morning and the agent informed Pioneer immediately.  In a matter of hours, the agent received the claim and delivered it to the family even before the remains arrived home.  The benefit went to the husband and their 5 kids, who were so thankful they could give her a decent wake.
While Pioneer’s prize trip to Manila Ocean Park was a treat to these women, it was a treat for us to hear their stories and know that we are touching the lives of Filipinos with a product that is within reach of those who need it most.
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