New Pioneer Product Designed for Mindanao

The insurgency in Mindanao takes an obvious toll on the political, economic and personal lives of our fellow Filipinos who live and work in the affected areas. Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are particularly vulnerable when acts of terrorism and insurgency interrupt their daily businesses, cut the flow of profit, and present the risk of closure. 

Personal but Professional

Welcome to our new website!

Pioneer has taken plunge into the deep waters of the online world to give you a better experience as you learn more about us, and the services and products we offer.

At this point we’re still exploring the ins and outs of the Web, but we can already say that the total look of our website has undergone major changes. The new minimalist design allows you to navigate through each page without any hassle at all.

Helpful Travel Hacks (Part 4)

In the last story, we shared some hacks that will come in handy while you're traveling in your country of destination. If your vacation went well, chances are it will hurt to say goodbye. Here are some tips on how you can properly pack up:


Coming home...


Write a checklist.


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