We are in the business of helping people secure their lives and what matters most to them. We provide services that enable our stakeholders to prepare for and face some of life's most challenging moments. We do so with warmth, compassion, and a sincere concern for the quality of life of every stakeholder. 
We value excellence that goes beyond mere compliance. We believe in doing the right things the right way. Because we care about what is important to our stakeholders and caring is part of who we are, we will go out of our way to provide superior products and services that communicate our concern and desire to delight them.  We believe that mediocrity is a form of dishonesty; it is not being true to who we are.
We recognize that each employee of Pioneer defines our organization by the way he/she carries him/herself. Integrity is all about knowing who we are and taking pride in what we stand for. It is about how we turn values into actions, how our actions reflect who we are, and how we see ourselves through the things we do. We strongly believe in this dual standard: to be strict with others but strictest with one's self, especially when no one is looking.
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