We believe that there is godliness in humanity.
In the name of this godliness,
We believe in treating our stakeholders fairly, but with humanity.
And with humanity, the value is in the thought itself.
For us, the whole world is our stakeholder.
This is not a statement of grandeur, but a statement from our soul.
Our soul is a quiet one, a peaceful one.
Instead of talking, we much rather listen, observe and do.
This is how we share our soul.
And because of this we understand each other.
Wisdom for us is knowing what we lack, accepting it, then building on it.
We admire smartness and brilliance,
But we want to be wise. Work for us is a discharge of our godliness.
Work is part of religion and not apart from religion.
We remember always "The Parable of the Talents."
When we meet our Maker, we will not be the "wicked lazy servant."
We are bold, albeit quietly.
We find ways for how things can get done, even things new to us,
Rather than reasons why they cannot be.
Being bold, we will sometimes fall.
But we know what really matters is how fast we rise each time.
Pressure makes us shine not wilt.
Timeliness for us is everything.
Win-win relationships make our hearts stout.
We strongly believe in this dual standard:
Be strict with others but strictest with self.
We love most our man in the glass.
Cheating others we cheat him most.
Loving others we love him best.
We know that a model Filipino enterprise is achievable
By those of us who share the same soul.
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